Jonathan Horne Actor

Telling the Truth

   in Fiction


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Mr. Horne as Merrick will break your heart; for me it’s a breakout performance; he shows us a man (Merrick) of great gentleness and sensitivity, and in the process reveals himself to be one of Atlanta’s finest young actors..”

Atlanta Intown


“His is a powerful performance, elegant in its simple choices, clear in the cognitive dissonances that come with basic paradigms being questioned, challenged, overturned.  This is simply one of the best Proctors I've seen."

Atlanta Theatre Buzz

E V E N T S​


Both Films Student Teacher and No Sin Unpunished should be out and distributed by 2019... 



Bryan Tan's Award wining short film The Emissary gets released! Watch it in the film tab

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